What’s Popping Up at Garden Hill Farmers Market

We’ve started working out fields for the season ahead and have begun some planting.

We have a few vegetables almost ready to hit the market including perannual vegetables like asparagus and strawberries and rhubarb,fall planted hard new garlic and planted this season green onions.

Here’s a look at what we have coming:


Our rhubarb is growing rapidly and will hit the shelves soon

Strawberry plants are parking up with healthy green leaves, flowers are still a little ways away but expect berries early mid June

Our garlic is up and looking great, expect scapes in June and fresh garlic to follow starting in July

Asparagus popping up, expect our delicious cut daily asparagus in the market early May

We’ve started planting rounds of our delicious green onions, to be available at the market in the next few weeks


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