Strawberries, Corn, New Potatoes and More!

Fresh Local Strawberries

Strawberries are not only delicious – they’re also good for your health! Strawberries contain lots of vitamins, plus fiber, folic acid, potassium and amino acids.  All of our strawberries are farm fresh and locally produced.

Delicious Ontario Corn

There are few things as delicious as fresh picked corn.  We make sure that all of our corn is farm fresh when it reaches your table.  That’s why we take pride in bring you the best local corn our region has to offer.

Fresh Ontario Corn

Hearty New Potatoes

There are few foods more hearty and versatile than the potato.  New potatoes have an unparalleled sweetness and taste. We’re proud to bring you new potatoes, fresh from the field and straight to your dinner table.

fresh new potatoes

Plump Local Pumpkins

Whether found in a holiday pie or perched on a doorstep at Halloween, the pumpkin is always in style.  You can be certain that ours are always fresh from the pumpkin patch .

fresh new potatoes

These are only a few of the varieties of farm fresh fruit and vegetables we have to offer.  For a full listing, please view our product availability guide or order online.

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