We Are Hiring!

We are hiring! We are looking to fill two positions, 1 full time (40 hours/week) and 1 part time (20 to 30 hours/week), for experienced baker/cook positions in our on-farm market kitchen. Job duties include: scratch baking ready bake sandwich and soup meal preparation, pickling… Read More »We Are Hiring!

Coming Soon!

Some of the amazing things we’ll be happy to share with you in just a few short weeks…stay tuned!

We need your help!

The comment period of our zoning application is now open and we need you to show your support Send a brief email to Subject: 3402 Ganaraska rd Include your full name and message Thank you for supporting small business and sustainable agriculture

Pick Your Own Pumpkin

Sundays are for pumpkin picking! Come out to 3402 Ganaraska Rd this Sunday October 9 10am to 3pm to pick your own pumpkin! $7 for any size pumpkin or if you’re feeling ambitious $25 for a wheelbarrow full!  

What’s in Season? Squash!

Squash season is upon us and we’re picking many varieties to stock at Garden Hill Farmers Market and bring with us to remote markets. New to us this year, Hubbard Squash!   Get yours today!