All Things Strawberries

It’s the berry most wonderful time of the year and we’re celebrating all things strawberry!

We’re picking our own fresh strawberries daily and they’re available for purchase in the market by litre or flat (6litres)

We’re also making our own strawberry jam for you to enjoy all year round! Keep your eyes peeled for our own Garden Hill Farmers Market jam on shelves soon!

Looking to make your own jam? We’ve got you covered with our Strawberry Canning Combo which is a beginner canning kit and a flat of strawberries at a combo price!

Not your first season canning? We have cases of jars and packs of pectin available for sale

Looking to pick your own? U-pick strawberries are a great way to get outside, connect with your food and save a few dollars stocking up on berries. Our u-pick strawberries opens on June 21st at 8am

Strawberry Canning Combo


A flat of strawberries and case of 500ml jars

A poster with details of strawberry upick opening - these details are also in the body of the post